ClubsNSW Sustainability Report


ClubsNSW has released the inaugural NSW Club Industry Sustainability Report.

The Report provides an overview of how clubs are addressing key sustainability issues including:  

- Energy consumption;
- Employment;
- OH & S; Diversity;
- Community Engagement; and
- Customer Safety.  

As the Report indicates, club social and economic contributions extend further than the $100 million annually given through the ClubGRANTS scheme or the $1.3 billion dollar social contribution recorded in our Club Census.  

Clubs are encouraged to record and share their achievements in sustainability just as they do for social contributions, by publication in the annual report, on the club website or in the local newspaper.  

Numerous examples are in the Report, which clubs can adopt as their own or build upon.


ClubsNSW would like to thank the many clubs which participated in the development of this Report. ClubsNSW will compile the Club Industry Sustainability Report every two years for public distribution. Clubs are encouraged to provide information about their Sustainable practices to ClubsNSW, for inclusion in the next Report.  

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Report or your club’s approach to social responsibility, please contact or (02) 9268 3034.