Welcome to the ClubsNSW Board Performance Assessment Tool (BPAT).

ClubsNSW has a stated objective to build capacity within the industry, including working to raise the governance capability of the Club industry across NSW with education and training programs, an industry code of practice and best practice guidelines.

In order to assist club boards measure their progress in the Governance journey, ClubsNSW has developed a simple assessment tool, measuring the performance of Club Chairs, Directors, Managers and their boards as an entire unit, against the key aspects of the ClubsNSW Club Leadership Framework and the Best Practice Guidelines from the Club Industry Guide.

The aim of the Tool is to provide Boards with a simple, self – assessed measure of where they are performing above expectations, where they are performing well and those areas where they could perhaps work to improve their performance.

The survey contains 44 questions, covering eleven (11) responsibilities with up to four (4) answers each.  It should only take about one (1) hour to complete the whole survey and the survey should be completed in one sitting.  From the time the survey is made available to your club, there is a one (1) month time limit for all members of the club’s governance team to complete the survey.  A reminder will be sent to anyone still to complete the survey at three (3) weeks, to ensure all complete the survey within the month.

Once the final survey is complete, the club manager will be contacted to arrange the debrief session with one of the Governance Training Team to unpack the results with the Board. Reports will be provided for the debrief. 

To Access the ClubsNSW Board Performance Assessment Tool

Before you embark on the survey, we need to confirm the details of your current board of directors. This can be done by the club manager logging into the “Manage My Membership” facility on the ClubsNSW website. Without all current directors registered for access to the ClubsNSW Members extranet, it will not be possible for your club board to successfully complete the survey.

All Club Directors Institute (CDI) members have an individual log in, which includes your Chair and the Manager (Club Contact), however non-CDI members will need to register their details, including an individual e-mail address, in order to have an individual, confidential log in created for them.

Once your board members details are confirmed, go to the Product Store to purchase access to your club’s survey link :