COVID-19 Club Reopening RESOURCES

Club Industry Reopening Pack


ClubsNSW has developed a comprehensive pack to help clubs prepare for reopening, and adopt effective operating standards to respond to the risks posed by COVID-19.

This Pack consists of:

- A one-page summary on what to do before reopening
- A list of CovidSAFE Standards for the Club Industry
- A one-page Checklist which summarises the CovidSAFE standards
- Pro-forma Letters to “Stand-up” Re-engaged Employees

This Pack will be amended from time-to-time as new standards, insights and best practice measures develop.

The latest Pack (updated 24 May 2020) can be viewed here.

Reopening Information from Club Industry Suppliers


These information sheets have been submitted to ClubsNSW by established club industry suppliers. The information sheets are intended to help clubs prepare for reopening, for example, by restarting equipment or resupplying inventories:

Lancer Worldwide Information Sheet

Lion Information Sheet

Aristocrat Information Sheet 

Carlton & United Breweries Information Sheet 

Ecash Information Sheet 

TAB Wagering Information Sheet