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Community groups, charities and sporting teams are eligible to apply for ClubGRANTS.    

How to Apply

Giving back to the community is in every local club’s DNA – it’s the reason why clubs exist and it’s something they’re extremely passionate about.

Each year through ClubGRANTS, clubs across NSW provide support to tens of thousands of local community organisations, sporting groups, and charities that make a difference in their local area. With more than $1 billion in funding provided since the program’s inception, including a record $100 million in 2014, ClubGRANTS is without doubt one of the largest and most effective grants programs in Australia.

Applying for ClubGRANTS funding is quick and easy. All funding is processed locally and community groups can contact their local clubs easily and at any time for information and advice. ClubGRANTS is also flexible, allowing clubs to provide support quickly, efficiently, and often as soon as a need emerges.

To be eligible to apply, you must be a not-for-profit organisation and provide the following project and/or services: community welfare or social services, community development, community health services or employment assistance activities. You are also eligible if you or your organisation is involved in community or professional sport.

The ClubGRANTS Application Guide has been prepared to assist prospective applicants navigate the Scheme. The Guide provides general information on the various funding categories, who can apply, how to apply, and reporting requirements. It also provides advice to applicants on how to stand out from the pack and how to say thanks.

A copy of the Application Guide can be found here.

Applicants are encouraged to read the Guide thoroughly before proceeding with an application.

Find Your Local Grant Round

Click here to access the ClubGRANTS Committee Search to find your local grant round or Local Committee Convener.


Successful applicants are required to submit a closing report to the funding club upon completion of the project. Applicants should note that clubs and local committees will not consider further funding requests unless a report has been received. 

Reporting requirements are as follows:

Up to $500


Receipt only

Up to $500


Letter of acknowledgment from recipient.

$500 - $7,500

Cash or In-Kind

Standard Funding Report Form and Statutory Declaration

Over $7,500


Standard Funding Report Form and Statutory Declaration

Over $10,000


Club and benefiting organisation must enter into a formal contract. Please click here to download the Funding Agreement.

In some cases, a funded project will be only partly underway when a recipient wants to apply for further funding for another project. In this situation, the applicant may submit a progress report form. 

If the project has been delayed, the organisation should provide information as to why it has not run to schedule. 

Recipients should also advise the funding club of any changes in circumstances, such as what the money will be spent on. Organisations must obtain the club’s written approval before making any changes.

Forms and Templates 

Category 1 Application Form

Category 1 In Kind Application Form

Category 2 Application Form 

Category 2 In Kind Application Form

Standard Funding Report Form

Progress Report

Statutory Declaration

N.B. Some local committees have area-specific or online application forms. Please check your local area listing on the Committee Search for more information before applying.


Is there a deadline for applications?

There is no standard state-wide closing date for ClubGRANTS Category 1 or 2 funding.

Category 1 funding is allocated on the basis of local government areas, and Local Committees set their own deadlines, which vary from area to area. Opening and closing dates are available on Committee Search listings.

Clubs allocate Category 2 funding and while some clubs set deadlines, most accept and consider Category 2 applications year-round. Category 2 applicants should contact the individual clubs for more information.

I work for an organisation based in another state. Can I apply?

ClubGRANTS funding provides community support at a local level. Interstate projects are allowed as Category 1 funding only in the cases of:

  • services to disaster victims in other Australian states or territories (conditions apply; please consult the ClubGRANTS Guidelines);

local activities in border areas. For example, a facility located on the Gold Coast that

I am based in a council area that isn’t listed on Committee Search. Can I still apply?

Applicants in areas without ClubGRANTS clubs have two options:

  1. You may wish to apply for general funding (ie, not under ClubGRANTS) from registered clubs in your area, OR
  2. You may be eligible for ClubGRANTS funding if your project delivers benefits on a regional rather than local basis. This means you can apply to a neighbouring Local Committee or Club for funding if your project or service benefits people in that area.

Please note that the ClubGRANTS scheme is focused on supporting community organisations and activities within a club’s local area. Although applicants from outside ClubGRANTS council areas can apply under the Guidelines, preference is typically given to local applicants.

Why does the Application Form ask whether applying organisations are “non-profit” and “incorporated”?

This is to prevent for-profit organisations from applying. The ClubGRANTS scheme does not support private enterprise.

The question of whether an organisation is incorporated or not is to ensure that funding recipients can be accountable for monies received. If an unincorporated organisation wishes to apply for funding, the applicant may form a link with an incorporated organisation – such as a local Council or a larger community group – that is able to endorse or “auspice” the application, i.e. assume legal and financial responsibility for the grant.

How much funding can I apply for?
Due in part to the different sizes of ClubGRANTS eligible clubs, there is no standard limit on the amount clubs may provide. However, it is advisable for applicants to contact the Local Committee and consider the amount of funding available in their area. Local Committees and clubs are also in a position to advise on any area-specific limits on funding amounts.
Does ClubGRANTS funding have to be for a project?

Not necessarily. Eligible expenditure can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • one-off funding to buy equipment, such as a vehicle for an aged care centre;
  • extended or one-off staffing costs, such as training or wages for a new counsellor for a youth drop-in centre; and/ or
  • in-kind support, such as occasional or ongoing use of club facilities for meetings or other activities.

However, it is important that funding be assigned to a specific purpose. General, non-specific allocations are not appropriate, and applicants need to identify how any funding sought under ClubGRANTS will be expended.

We receive some Government funding. Does this mean we can’t apply?

The Guidelines state that “As a general rule, it is important that funding preference is not given to projects or services that can be readily assisted by an existing Government funding program.” This is meant to prevent funding of core Federal, State or Local Government responsibilities, but does not rule out funding of other programs or services with some Government involvement. For example, a project that has received a one-off grant or is only partially supported by Government funding would generally be allowable.

Schools are generally ineligible for ClubGRANTS Category 1 funding, being core budget items for State Government. However, some activities could qualify as Category 1 expenditure, for example a P & F committee running an extracurricular service that assists disadvantaged students, or an out-of-hours program for troubled students. This is because these activities go above and beyond normal State Government school funding responsibilities.

Is funding for hospitals and medical research allowed under Category 1?

Funding for buildings and equipment for in-patient care may be recognised as Category 1 expenditure in certain limited circumstances, so long as the expenditure is identified by the ClubGRANTS Local Committee to be of very considerable potential importance and value to the local community. Otherwise such grants will only be recognised as Category 2 expenditure.

Funding for medical research is not eligible as Category 1 expenditure. Grants not endorsed by the Committee will only be recognised as Category 2 expenditure.

Successfully Funded Project Examples

Below are some of the projects successfully funded under the ClubGRANTS scheme:

Canterbury Hurlstone Park gave $45,000 to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for their iSAIL (integrated support after infant loss) Clinic. This clinic is the first in NSW to provide an integrated support system for families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. 
The Ella Centre in Sydney's Inner West supports people with disabilities, people who are ageing and their carers. They recieved $6,000 from Five Dock RSL Club towards the cost of running a community transport program for people with disabilities in the area. 
Clubs in Cessnock gave $8,605 to Buckety and District Rural Fire Brigade to assist in protecting the community from deadly bush fires.  
Pittwater RSL gave $5,000 to the Warriewood Surf Life Saving Club to continue their work keeping swimmers safe at Warriewood Beach.  
Clubs in Wollongong gave a total of $23,450 to CareWays community. A community outreach program offering services to the most disadvantaged and marginalised in the community.  

Applying Via ClubGRANTS Online

Some clubs may require ClubGRANTS applications to be submitted over the internet through the ClubGRANTS Online portal. To see if this is required in your area, please visit the ‘Find Your Local Grant Round’ page on the ClubsNSW website. If your area uses ClubGRANTS Online, click on the link to be taken to the online application form.

Applying through ClubGRANTS Online is quick and easy, and can be done by taking the following steps:

NB: applicants will need to register with an email address to obtain login details. Account details are used solely for the purpose of enabling applicants to complete online application forms. Secure access to the application is given, and applicants can save and return to the form at a later time.
Click For Step 1 - View and Navigate The Application Form

View the Form
When you first access ClubGRANTS Online you will either be taken straight to the form Preview or you will be presented with the following options.


To preview the entire application form, simply click on View the Application Form

This will show you the form in Preview mode.
NOTE: You can't fill the form in in preview mode, in order to complete the form you need to complete Step 2.

You can navigate through the application form by either clicking on buttons above the form to navigate between individual pages or you can use the navigation bar on the right to jump to specific pages or sections within a page.

Click For Step 2 - Apply and Register

When you are ready to commence your application, simply click on the Apply Now button


Login and Register

In order to enable you to fill out the form you must first have an account with ClubGRANTS Online. Your account details are used solely for the purpose of enabling you to complete your application form and in case the grantmaker needs to contact you.

For New Accounts

If you do not have an account you will need to provide your details here. 
You will then need to confirm your password and click Confirm Registration

You will then be able to select which grant program you wish to Start a new application for

For Existing Accounts


Simply fill in your login details and you will be shown any applications your have in progress or you can start a new application.

Click For Step 3 - Fill Out The Application Form

Save Progress
It is highly recommended that you click Save Progress every 5 to 10 minutes when you are filling out a form. 


For security reasons you will be logged out of your application if 15 minutes has elapsed and you have not saved your progress or navigated between pages. When you are logged out of the system you will lose any changes you have made to that page that have not been saved. To avoid this happening, simply click Save Progress periodically if you are spending a long working on one page of the form. 

Elements Of The Page

The following elements can be found on the application form.

Page Buttons:
Using these button you can navigate between the different pages of a form. You can also Save your progress, or Save and Close your form in order to return to it at a later date. 

Navigation Bar
You can quickly jump to various pages in the application form using this navigation bar.

Form Questions
Here you can provide your responses to the form questions.

Home page
At anytime you can return to the grant round homepage by clicking one of link at the top right.

Fill in the form
You can now complete the navigation form by providing the required responses. 

Attaching Files

If you are attaching files, you need to allow for sufficient times for the file to be uploaded to the page. You should not navigate to another page until the file has been successfully attached, otherwise the file upload will be cancelled.

To attach a file simply follow these steps:

If you have Flash installed

Simply select Attach a file choose the file you wish to upload and click Select 

The file will begin to upload and the progress bar will be filled in as the file is upload 

When the file upload is completed, the progress bar will disappear and a link to the uploaded file will be available, along with the option to remove the file.

If you do NOT have flash installed

  • Select the Browse button and choose the file you wish to upload then select Open

  • Then select the Attach button.

The file will begin to upload, this make take some time depending on the size of the file and your internet connection. Please be patient and DO NOT navigate to another page, as this will cause the upload to file.

When the upload is successful you will see the file listed on the page as a link, along with a Remove button should you want to remove the file.

Navigate between pages

To navigate between pages you can either use the Navigation Bar or the Next Page and Previous Page buttons at the top and bottom of your current page. 

Clicking on any these will take you to the appropriate page.

NOTE: Your application form is saved every time you navigate between pages.

Save and Close

If at any stage you wish to save your application and close it you can do so by clicking Save and Close.

You can return to your application at any time prior to the close date of the grant round and continue your application, simply by logging back into your account per Step 2.

Click For Step 4 - Review and Submit

Review and Submit

When you have completed the last page of the application form you can click Review, which replaces the Next Page button. You can also click Review and Submit from the Navigation Bar.

This will display your application as it will appear to the organisation you are submitting it to.

This is also a good time to Save or Print a copy of your application for your own records. Though you can log back into ClubGRANTS Online at any time and view your completed application after having submitted it.

If you are satisfied with your application click Submit

NOTE: You will not be able to make any changes to your form after you have submitted it.

Problems With Your Form

If there are any problems with your application, your application will not be submitted and any issues will be highlighted. You will have the opportunity to correct the problem by clicking Go to question.

Once you have corrected all of the issues you can return to the Review and Submit page and click Submit Application again.
Click For Step 5 - Confirmation

Confirmation of Submission

On Screen Confirmation

When the application is submitted you receive a confirmation message that the application has been received. If you see this message you can be sure that the grant maker has received your application.

You will also see your application number, which you can use should you need to contact the grant maker about your application.

Email confirmation

You will also receive a confirmation email when your application has been successfully submitted. This email will have attached a PDF copy of your application form.

Optional - Viewing / Saving / Printing completed applications

View completed application

You must first be Logged In to your account in order to view your completed applications. Near the top left of the screen you will the My Submissions link, click on this link. 


This will display all of your applications, both in progress and completed. 
To view your application, simply click on the relevant link under Submitted Forms 

Print Your Application
From the web
Once you are viewing the relevant application you need to select the Print feature from your Internet Browser.  This is typically found under the File Menu > Print option.

From PDF attachment

When your application is submitted you will receive a copy of your application in PDF format, attached to a confirmation email. You can also print your application from this PDF attachment.

Save Your Application

If you wish to save a copy of your application on your computer, you can do as an HTML file.

First you must be viewing the relevant application. Then select the Save Page feature from your Internet Browser. This is typically found under the File Menu

> Save or File Menu > Save Page 



If, after accessing the Committee Search, you have an enquiry related to closing dates or application forms, please contact the relevant club or local committee contact.

Questions about the ClubGRANTS Guidelines and other related matters can be directed to the ClubsNSW Member Enquiries Centre.

P: 1300 730 001

N.B. ClubsNSW does not directly provide ClubGRANTS funding. Our role in the scheme is at a policy and co-ordination level.  Funding is provided by NSW clubs. Applications sent to ClubsNSW will be returned.